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Mediclean MC 200 Industrial disinfection liquid 5 ltr

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Alkaline concentrate for cleaning surfaces in halls, workshops and industrial facilities.

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Capacity: 5 liters.

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For cleaning floors and other surfaces in halls, workshops and industrial facilities. 

Recommended for washing machines, car engines and work clothes.

Specially selected ingredients of the preparation emulsify and remove: grease, oils, greases (including graphite greases), soot and dried dirt from all waterproof surfaces. For professional use only. 

pH 13,5±0,5

Advantages of Mediclean 200:

ü Super-strong concentrate for special tasks;

ü Reliable solution for extremely rocky surfaces;

ü guarantees saving time necessary for tests and cleaning with traditional chemicals;

ü Reinforced formula with an extremely strong effect.

Directions for use:

Depending on the method and degree of soiling, use a dilution: 200 - 300 ml per 10 l of water. 

CLEANING MACHINES: 100 - 400 ml per 10 l of water. 

HIGH PRESSURE WASHER: 50 - 200 ml for 10 liters of water.

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