gigasept® pearls 1,5kg

gigasept® pearls 1,5kg

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Active oxygen-based instrument disinfectant for manual cleaning and disinfection with a multi-enzyme formula. 

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A universal cleaning and disinfecting solution intended for manual and semi-automatic reprocessing of tools, anesthetic equipment, flexible endoscopes and other medical devices made of sensitive materials such as silicone, polycarbonate, polysulfone, acrylic glass. 

Can be used in ultrasonic washers and cleaning with the circulation method (semi-automatic). Thanks to the admixture of special auxiliaries, the pH of gigasept® pearls granules is kept at a neutral level. This prevents protein coagulation and allows for optimal material compatibility.

Benefits of Gigasept: 

ü full microbiological effectiveness via its synergistic combination of active substances plus active oxygen (concluding virucidal disinfection with 2% in 10 minutes);

ü outstanding cleaning performance via its multi-enzyme formula (protease, lipase and amylase) in combination with a neutral pH (non-protein-fixing) and powerful surfactants;

ü excellent material compatibility even with sensitive materials such as flexible endoscopes;

ü more user safety - thanks to its the innovative pearl structure - dust-free (no risk of inhalation);

ü innovative packaging system for safe and easy removal;

ü surprisingly pleasant smell.


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