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MEDICLEAN MC 510 1 Litre Dishwashing liquid

MEDICLEAN MC 510 1 Litre Dishwashing liquid

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Lemon Aroma

Capacity: 1 litre



Hand dishwashing liquid with lemon scent. Mediclean MC 510


Efficient liquid for manual washing of dishes, cutlery as well as kitchen appliances and surfaces. It has a pleasant lemon scent. Thanks to specially selected active substances, it effectively removes fat and dirt of protein origin, leaving the dishes clean and shiny.

It does not leave any streaks or stains. The coconut oil derivative contained in the liquid protects the skin of the hands against irritation. The liquid has a neutral pH for the skin. It is biodegradable.

PH factor: approx. 7

Directions for use:

Add 5 ml of liquid (1 teaspoon) to 5 liters of water. Rinse the washed dishes with water and allow them to dry or wipe dry.

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