Cannula catheter KD-FIX G20 1,1 x 32 mm

Cannula catheter KD-FIX G20 1,1 x 32 mm

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Product features:

ü sterile,

ü with little wings and side port,

ü  2 X-ray lines,

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KD-FIX intravenous cannula is made of Teflon. It was equipped with a side port, wings and 2 X-ray lines. The cannula is a disposable, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic product.

KD-FIX venflon is widely used in medicine to be placed in a vein to provide access to the human blood system, e.g. fluid infusion, parenteral nutrition, drug administration, patient irrigation, blood or blood components transfusion.


ü Pink color,

ü Size G20 - 1,1 x 32 mm,

ü Needle: Stainless steel,

ü Needle cover: Polypropylene,

ü Catheter: FEP,

ü  Catheter holder: Polyoxymethylene (POM) & Catheter body: Polypropylene,

ü Port Cap: Linear Low Density Polyethylene,

ü  Needle cup & body cover: Polypropylene,

ü Threaded Plug (Luer): High Density Polypropylene,

ü Silicone tube,

ü  Brand: KD Medical.

This product meets following standards: DIN EN ISO 13485, ISO 10555, CE 0123 - medical device class II a.

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