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Application of a plaster cast (plaster bandage) is often necessary in the event of joint damage and/or bone fractures. The gypsum dressing is designed to immobilise and correct the damaged section.

We especially recommend the PrimeCast synthetic gypsums, which are:

- hypoallergenic;

- waterproof;

- breathable;

- they do not cause skin dryness and itching;

- allow you to choice your your favourite color.

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Ambu® Redi-ACE Adult extrication collar

Ambu® Redi-ACE Adult...

Price PLN34.01
Ambu® Redi-ACE Adult extrication collar for adults. Blue color. Product for emergency kits. Flat storage. ü Price for 1 pcs.  
PrimeCast light casting tape

copy of PrimeCast light...

From Price PLN17.92
PrimeCast™ is light and durable synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin, which is activated by water before use. 
Prime Poly lightweight synthetic plaster

Prime Poly lightweight...

Price PLN25.68
Prime Poly Casting Tape is made of a knitted fabric with a synthetic base soaked in polyurethane resin. Contact with water or moisture (including...