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Application of a plaster cast (plaster bandage) is often necessary in the event of joint damage and/or bone fractures. The gypsum dressing is designed to immobilise and correct the damaged section.

We especially recommend the PrimeCast synthetic gypsums, which are:

- hypoallergenic;

- waterproof;

- breathable;

- they do not cause skin dryness and itching;

- allow you to choice your your favourite color.

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PrimeCast light casting tape

PrimeCast light casting tape

From Price PLN30.00
PrimeCast™ is light and durable synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin, which is activated by water before use. 
PrimePoly lekki gips...

PrimePoly lekki gips...

Price PLN30.00
Prime Cast Casting Tape wykonany z dzianiny o podłożu syntetycznym nasączonej żywicą poliuretanową. Kontakt z wodą lub wilgocią (także tą zawartą...