Disinfection is very important in everyday life. Especially now during global COVID pandemic and in other situations where there is an increased risk of infection.

Disinfection is aimed at the destruction of various microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc. There are appropriate methods of disinfection, depending on what we want to disinfect, body surface or any usable surface.

Disinfectants are the basis for the functioning of health care facilities, as well as many companies.

At Stokmed we offer you wide range of disinfection products.

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3 x Desderman® pure 500ml +...
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3 x Desderman® pure 500ml +...

Price PLN38.90
Desderman® pure Alcoholic rub for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Virucidal sanitiser.  Effective against yeast-like fungi and excellent...
AHD 1000 Sterisol hands disinfection

AHD 1000 Sterisol hands...

Price PLN41.79
Alcoholic liquid for disinfecting hands, skin and small surfaces of medical devices. Composition: ethanol, lactic acid, moisturizer, fragrance...
Aniosyme DD1 1litre

Aniosyme DD1 1litre

From Price PLN98.50
Three-enzymatic liquid for manual disinfection and washing of contaminated surgical instruments, endoscopes and other medical devices. Capacity: 1...
copy of thermosept PAA...
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copy of thermosept PAA...

Regular price PLN129.60 -10% Price PLN116.64
Płyn na bazie kwasu nadoctowego do automatycznego reprocesowania endoskopów Pojemność: 5l
copy of thermosept PAA...
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copy of thermosept PAA...

Regular price PLN145.80 -10% Price PLN131.22
Płyn na bazie kwasu nadoctowego do automatycznego reprocesowania endoskopów Pojemność: 5l
surface disinfectant for Coronavirus. Stokmed
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D-aroma surface...

From Price PLN25.92
Alcoholic, ready-to-use liquid intended for fast surface disinfection. It works quickly and effectively against enveloped viruses such as: HIV,...
Desam Effekt + 1litre

Desam Effekt + 1litre

From Price PLN43.85
Desam Efekt + is a concentrate for disinfecting surfaces and medical devices. It has good washing properties and a wide spectrum of action. Medical...
desderman® pure 500ml. Stokmed Poznan

desderman® pure 500ml

Price PLN12.90
desderman® pure has bactericidal, yeast-killing and virucidal properties against HIV, HBV, HCV, herpes simplex viruses, rota, noro, polio,...
Ecolab Eltra powder

Ecolab Eltra disinfection...

Price PLN159.00
Ecolab Eltra powder is intended for chemical and thermal disinfection of medical underwear already at 65 ° C. Powder is recommended for all types...
gigasept® instru AF Concentrate

gigasept® instru AF

Price PLN136.00
High performance dual action liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of instruments. Capacity: 2 liters
gigasept® PAA 5 ltr

gigasept® PAA 5 ltr

Price PLN220.00
Gigasept PAA is a professional liquid for disinfecting fiber optic endoscopes and other delicate medical instruments sensitive to high...
gigasept pearls 6kg Active oxygen cleaning

gigasept® pearls 6kg

Price PLN734.40
Active oxygen-based instrument disinfectant for manual cleaning and disinfection with a multi-enzyme formula. Package: 6kg
gigazyme X-tra 5 ltr

gigazyme X-tra

Price PLN165.00
Manual cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments, endoscopes and anesthetic equipment. Capacity: 2 Liters