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Mediclean MC 113 Panel Clean

Mediclean MC 113 Panel Clean

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Mediclean 113 Panel Clean: for everyday cleaning of varnished wood panelling and floors.

Pear-Apple scent.

Capacity: 1 litre bottle.



Mediclean 113 Panel is a concentrated product for cleaning and maintenance of floor and wall panels and wooden parquet flooring.

It has cleaning and glossing properties. Efficiently cleans, degreases and protects from dirt.

Mediclean 113 Panel has antibacterial properties. 

Advantages of Mediclean 113 Panel:

ü Cost-effective:1 l of concentrate = up to 400 l of working solution;

ü Does not leave streaks;

ü Long-lasting apple and pear fragrance.

Directions for use:

Everyday cleaning: 25-100 ml of the product per 10 I of water. 

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