Anesthesiology is usually associated with the control of anesthesia, but is also closely related to the conduct of CPR. 

In anesthesiology category we offer products aimed at clearing airways or to support breathing, e.g. during surgery. 

We sell breathing filters, oropharyngeal and intubation tubes in various sizes. Another group of products are oxygen masks used in oxygen therapy and nebulization.

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Clear Therm Mini HMEF...

Price PLN5.40
Complete breathing systems: Clear-Guard Mini HME breathing filter with Luer lock port. Ref. 1831000 Connectors 22F/15M - 22M/15F Moisture loss:...

copy of Extendable...

Price PLN31.19
Compact, extendable breathing system with 2L bag and 1.5m limb, 2.0m Luer lock port and 22mm connectors.  ü Package: 35 pcs. ü Price for 1 pcs.  

Gas sampling line Altech

Price PLN9.94
Gas sampling line for e.g. capnography measurement. Male luer lock connectors on both sides. ü Price for 1 pcs.   ü Bulk package: 100 szt.