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Medisept is Polish manufacturer of high-quality hygiene and disinfection products for healthcare facilities, hospitals and beauty salons.

Stokmed medical wholesaler offers range of Medisept products.

Fun fact: there is Medis in the Medisept logo - the symbol of the female guardian.

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Mediclean 320 WC

Price PLN7.00
Mediclean 320 WC: Antibacterial gel for cleaning and descaling sanitary surfaces. Apple scent. Capacity: 750ml bottle
Mediclean MC 520 600ml cleaning milk
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Mediclean MC 520 600ml...

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6.49 zł
Mediclean MC 520 Sanit Clean: Cream cleanser for kitchen and sanitary surfaces. Citron scent. Product is after its expiry date but keeps all...