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Cohesive bandage value pack 48 pieces Stokban 5cm
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Cohesive bandage value pack...

Price PLN90.72
Cohesive bandage Stokban is made from lightweight, breathable and durable material. Given price is for 48 pcs (4 boxes) of camuflage blue 5 cm...
cohesive elastic bandage camouflage protective Stokban
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Stokban Bitter Taste...

Regular price PLN43.00 -10% Price PLN38.70
Stokban Bitter Taste - an adhesive bandage with a bitter taste which prevents your pet from chewing and licking the dressing.. The price is the...
Various colors of Stokban cohesive bandages
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Stokban elastic cohesive...

Regular price PLN36.00 -15% From Price PLN30.60
Given price is per package:  Stokban 2,5cm (width) - package contains 24 pieces.  Stokban 5cm, 7,5cm, 10cm and 15cm - 12 pieces/ 1 package. 
Stokban latex free cohesive bandage/ OUTLET - 60%
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Stokban latex free cohesive...

Regular price PLN46.80 -60% From Price PLN18.72
Latex-free cohesive bandage Stokban. Light, breathable and durable material. Large selection of patterns and colors.  Bandage after the expiry...