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Sterile basic ENT kit

Sterile basic ENT kit


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Basic ENT kit consist of:

·      - Nasal speculum,

·     -  Ear speculum,

-  Laryngological spatula. 


400 szt.

This set is individually sterile packed in a foil-paper package.

·       The nasal speculum has ergonomic contoured handles that allow smooth and accurate maneuvering of the speculum tips. The material in the application part is perfectly smooth, in the handle part it is matt to keep the tool firm and stable.

·       Ear speculum - 2mm (MEDIUM) or 4mm (MAX) - is matte black, therefore there are no reflections in its inner surface during the examination.

·       Spatula in the set is made of flexible, high-quality white plastic. The tool in the application part is completely smooth so it does not cause the patient to gag.

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