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Surfanios Premium 5 litres

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Liquid for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls and medical equipment. No rinsing required.

Capacity: 5l

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Liquid for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls and medical equipment. No rinsing required*. 

Main features: 

ü Very costeffective: typical dilution: 0.25% (20 ml in 8 litres of water); 

ü Broad spectrum antimicrobial: bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal

ü efficient - from 1 liter of concentrate 400 liters of working solution

ü microbiological properties: Bactericidal (EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 1276), BMR (en 1276 and EN 13697). tuberculocide (en 14348 Lens and 14563). Fungicidal (en 1275, en 1650, en 13697),

ü Active on PRV virus (HBV) and on bvdv virus (HCV),

ü has a pleasant lemon scent

ü can be used in the presence of the patient

ü each 1-liter bottle is equipped with a practical overflow dispenser

ü After drying, it does not leave any residue or sediment content, and the disinfected surface does not stick

* In case of disinfecting toys - please wash the toys with drinking water after the cleaing procedure. 

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