Gynaecology set 1251-02

Gynaecology set 1251-02

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1.    Large, very effective absorbent patches with a new structure.

2.     New blue fleece top layer with very low dusting.

3.     Very flexible, multi-component polyethylene film - good barrier against penetration by liquids - is resistant to puncture.

4.     White reinforcing layer with a very low level of dusting - greater comfort for the patient, increased tear resistance.



OneMed Gynaecology set 1251-02:

ü  1 reinforced Mayo table cover 78 x 145 cm

ü  2 hand towels

ü  1 velcro 2,5 x 30cm

ü  gynecological drape 60 x 120 cm with an opening 9 x 12 cm and fluid bag 

ü  1 gynecological drape 270/230 x 260 cm with an opening 24 x 21 cm and integrated legs 

ü  1 drape for the instrument table 150 x 190cm 

Packaging: 1/6/12

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