Sterile hydrogel dressings Aqua-Gel®

Sterile hydrogel dressings Aqua-Gel®

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Aqua-Gel hydrogel dressing composition of natural and synthetic polymers cross-linked with an electron beam. Radiation process ensures sterility of the dressing and its mechanical strength.

Functional form of dressing is a transparent hydrogel sheet approx. 3mm thick.

Water content of the Aqua-Gel dressing is over 90%, while its polymers form a three-dimensional spatial network.

It gives unique features and ensures an adequate level of tissue hydration thanks to its moisturizing and absorbent properties,

soothing and pain-relieving properties, excellent flexibility, full biocompatibility.



Aqua-Gel is placed either side on the wound surface. Use dressings of a size that matches the size of the wound. The dressing should be secured with a non-woven adhesive tape, Vellafilm adhesive foil or an elastic bandage. Aqua-Gel can be used in compression therapy in the case of venous ulcers.. 

Application and usage:

ü burns of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree (thermal, chemical, electrical);

ü Sun burns;

ü Ulcers and bedsores;;

ü Abrasions, contusions, swelling;

ü Other chronic wounds (e.g. diabetic foot).

How to apply the dressing:

  1. Tear open the bag and take out the mold with the dressing.
  2.  Holding the thin foil and the protruding non-woven material, remove the hydrogel from the mold.
  3.  Remove the thin foil covering the dressing.
  4. Secure the dressing with a non-woven adhesive tape, polyurethane film or a bandage.

In the case of superficial burns or when wound has no exudate hydrogel dressing releases all the moisture it contains to tissues and also evaporates which may lead to its drying out.

To prevent this, you need to replace the lost moisture. For this purpose, a compress with a saline solution or boiled lukewarm water should be applied to the entire surface of the dressing for 15 - 20 minutes. This swelling procedure to restore proper elasticity should be carried out 2 - 4 times a day as needed.

It is also recommended to swell the dressing prior to removal to facilitate removal and eliminate the risk of wound damage. Dressings should be changed depending on the type of wound every 24 - 72 hours.

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