sensiva® washing lotion 500ml

sensiva® washing lotion 500ml

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Gentle washing lotion for hands and body. It is perfect for cleaning amputation stumps.

Emulsion well tolerated by the skin, based on synthetic surfactants. Contains allantoin with soothing properties.

Capacity: 500ml



sensiva® washing lotion designed for washing hands, body and hair. Very gentle on the skin. Ideal for washing post-amputation stumps.

ü  all skin types;

ü  use before hygienic (or surgical) hand disinfection;

ü  for general hygiene and washing the body in the shower or bathing whole body, also in case of hypersensitivity to soap;

ü  for washing patients before surgery;

ü  washing in the case of urinary incontinence, longer periods of bed rest, anal and vulvar itching;,

ü  in prophylaxis and auxiliary treatment of diaper dermatitis in infants and in dermatitis in the anal-genital area;

ü  for washing post-amputation stumps and to prevent recurrence and secondary infections;

ü  washing in the event of excessive sweating and to remove unpleasant body odor caused by illness;

ü  gentle washing of the face and hair.

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