AMIFIL® M nylon surgical sutures 2MH 302

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  • USP size - 3-0/ 2 metr.
  • Needle lenght - 26 mm
  • Needle curvature - 1/2 circle
  • Needle type - round, atraumatic T-5,
  • Thread length - 75 cm
  • Thread color - blue
  • Expiry date: 2024-05


AMIFIL® M - surgical nylon thread. Surgical sutures.

Surgical non-absorbable sutures in the form of a blue colored monofilament. Made of polyamide 6.6 (nylon) and sterilized with ethylene oxide. Package contains 10 sachets.


  • perfectly smooth surface ensures a smooth transition;
  • high mechanical strength prevents breaking;
  • low elasticity allows the wound edges to be kept constant;
  • easy to put on the first knot and firmly hold the next knots;
  • good visibility in the operating field.


AMIFIL's surgical threads are synonymous with reliability and high quality. For years AMIFIL's sutures have been used in medical facilities throughout Poland and nearby countries and sutures are widely appreciated by doctors. Polish product made by SINPO Poznan.

High quality of AMIFIL® surgical sutures guarantees satisfaction and safety of their use, thanks to which you will be able to focus fully on the essential elements of your work.


The shaft of this needle has a triangular cross section with a point having three cutting edges, one of which is directed towards the outside of the needle. Due to its structure, the reverse cutting needle has a high cutting force and a limited risk of excision from the tissue, because during penetration the edge of the needle points outwards and cuts the hole deep into the tissue.

Reverse cutting needle is also durable and is perfect for sewing harder tissues and resistant to penetration. Needle profile supports rapid tissue regeneration and guarantees very small postoperative scars which ensures its use, in particular, for suturing the skin but also for muscles, fascia, ligament, nasal cavity, oral mucosa, throat or tendon sheath.

Surgical needle is made of high-quality ENOVA Series 300 stainless steel and covered along its entire length with silicone for minimal tissue traumatization.

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2MH 302
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