LUBRAGEL Aqua Touch 6ml

LUBRAGEL Aqua Touch 6ml gel with lidocaine and chlorhexidine

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The manufacturer of gel - İstem Medikal Tıbbi Cihaz ve Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti. - introduced a new product name: LUBRAGEL.

Currently this product is on the market under two names AQUATOUCH JELLY and LUBRAGEL.

Commercial packaging: 6 ml x 25 pieces 


5 szt.

LUBRAGEL - is a sterile antiseptic gel with lidocaine and chlorhexidine intended for local anesthesia during the use of devices that are placed in the human body. It contains an anesthetic to prevent pain and an antiseptic agent that reduces the risk of infection penetrating during lubrication.

Mainly used for medical procedures (e.g. catheterization, rectoscopy and colonoscopy).

Composition per 100 g of product::

ü Lidocaine 2,0 g

ü Chlorhexidine gluconate soln (20%) 0,25 g

ü Methyl hydrobenzoate 0,06 g

ü Propyl hydrobenzoate 0,025 g

ü Hydroxyethylcellulose

ü Propylene glycol

ü Purified water

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